Various (General)

This section of my portfolio involves various designs with a myriad of subject matter.  I added the “General” tag in the title to separate from my other works that involve explicit materials (nothing too mature!).

Note: as you click on an image, you can hover your mouse over the image that brings up 2 buttons for navigation (circled “X’ to close the image near the upper right; arrow buttons to see the previous or next image).

African & African-American Icon Art

These are a few designs for a random of media (i.e. posters, stickers, etc.) I did, highlighting selected African-American historical icons. More random than anything, I simply selected persons whose contributions to not only African-Americans, but Americans and the international community, were important to the advancement of humanity. More maybe added down the road, so check back whenever time permits.

Mary McLeod Bethune design Sojourner Truth poster design Rastafari (HIM & HER)-inspired poster design Shirley Chisholm Martin Delany poster design Booker T. Washington/Tuskegee poster design N.O.I.-inspired Malcom X poster idea Harriet Tubman Picture FrameIda B. Wells/anti-lynching collage

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