Meaning of “5XgraffiX”

I’m sure you’ll ask this question in some form:

“What does 5XgraffiX mean?”

I made the name up when I was attending community college in the mid-90’s.  Fresh out of high school, I veered away from my initial interest in physical therapy to pursue graphic design.  I was into several genres, including graffiti art, gig posters, and logos.  I was also an avid hip-hop fan along with R&B, Soul, Funk, and others.

The lack of imagery using black folks and other people of color is what kind of drew me (no pun) into graphic design.  5XgraffiX does have other influences, but I’ll get into the gist of the main meaning first.  For me, there were five elements to creativity:  physical (touch it), mental (think it), audible (hear it), verbal (speak it), and visual (see it).  One (or all) of these stimuli can assist a creative person to produce works that can cover plenty of artistic endeavors (hence the “X”).

Hopefully, these influences can continue to help me in producing artwork that’s appealing to a wide audience.  If not, I’ll have fun doing it!

Critique thoroughly…


I have a Zazzle account at the moment to sell whatever comes to mind.  It’s ongoing in terms of content, but have a look…”Store Front



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