Graffiti Art

Being a Hip-Hop head in my youth, I gravitated toward the art of graffiti.  Art or vandalism, graffiti can be seen in a wide variety of medium (i.e. trains, walls, sketchbooks, etc.).  The colors, shapes, messages, and so forth found in graffiti is what drew me into the artform.  While I’m not by any means as talented as those who’ve done murals and such, I can appreciate the efforts made by countless artist around the world that keep this medium afloat.  Eventually, I’ll showcase my so-called talent, but that’s for another time!  Listed below are a few links to websites that I’ve found interesting and influencing:


123 Klan

The Art of INDIE 184

Crazy Apes

Full-time Artists

Pure Graffiti

Spray Beast

Stencil Revolution

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